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No other city in the US is preparing its college students for the real world better than Tulsa.

This summer is your chance to get ahead.

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About Night Series

SummerTulsa Night Series is a calendar of evening and weekend events for incoming college juniors and seniors. It’s designed to fit with daytime internship and summer job schedules. Sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, this series is available to students free of charge.

You’ll learn professional skills from leaders and influencers in Tulsa who will be taking the time to impart their practical wisdom in intimate settings.

In addition, you’ll develop leadership skills and engage in networking activities that will help you decide which doors you want to open for your next step in life.

We also want to get you hooked on Tulsa, and see why so many people are beginning to get excited about our city.

Summer 2021 Event Calendar (coming soon)

Look forward to events such as:


Professional development, aka “What they don’t teach you in college”

  • Headshots
  • How to have a coffee chat
  • Knowing the difference between coaches and mentors
  • Finance 101: homebuying, credit, banking
  • Managing Up
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Digital footprints and online visibility

Leadership training

  • Knowing Self
  • Having an Asset-Based Lens
  • Successful Communication and Feedback Protocols
  • Listening Assertively and with Empathy
  • Managing Self / Stress Response
  • Habits > Goals

Volunteering at local organizations


Social Outings


Summer 2021 is launching soon. Here are some logistical details for the Impact Academy.

Jun 1 - Jul 10, 2020

series dates


attendance requirement

36 Openings

for college students

May 22, 2020

applications due

The Night Series will follow city/state/federal COVID-19 guidelines for in-person or virtual meetings.

Who it's for

Any college student living in/near Tulsa during Summer 2021! Open to and relevant for all majors/minors who:

  • Show a strong basis for leadership potential
  • Crave mentorship and to practice real-world skills
  • Want to socialize and make friends
  • Open-minded and enthusiastic about learning new things
  • Are interested in a future in Tulsa and over time, mentoring the next group of up-and coming Tulsan leadership

What's in it for you

Get on a first-name basis with people in Tulsa who can mentor you in so many ways.

Improve your resume and work on strategies/professional skills for your post-college life.

Create friendships with other local college students and set the foundation for strong social circles following graduation.

Experience Tulsa in a completely new way, opening your eyes to the city’s potential and gaining perspective into its future trajectory.

Looking for a full internship experience? Check out SummerTulsa Impact Academy!

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SummerTulsa — a program of Campus Tulsa — takes learning beyond the college classroom by connecting incoming college juniors and seniors to local entrepreneurs and business and community leaders, who are putting Tulsa on the map for culture and innovation.